Daisy's Days

Daisy Jayne Jack was born on the 11th September at 1613 at only 29 weeks of pregnancy weighing 805 grams (1.12lbs)

At our 20 week anomaly scan we were informed that Daisy was measuring far to small. We were given the option of getting an Amniocentesis procedure done and were were told some scary reasons why she could be measuring small and also termination options and procedure were explained to us which was a big shock. We decided we would wait 2 weeks for another growth scan and just hope that worse case scenario she was going to be a small baby.  2 weeks later there was a tiny growth sprout but she was still measuring under the 3rd centile and so we had the amniocentesis test done. 10 days later after worrying so much from 20 weeks we got the test done and everything came back negative. She didn't have any chromosome disorders which was amazing news. The next growth scan showed that she had put on a little bit of more weight so we were feeling more positive however she still wasn't classed as viable because she was under 500g.  The next day we went in for a doppler scan and they discovered there was failures in my placenta and that the the umbilical cord had absences with the blood flow. I was told that the baby may not survive over the weekend. I was given a hug by the consultant and told to come back the next day for another doppler....which showed the same results. That weekend there were no scans and I was told that if I stopped feeling kicks to immediately phone maternity triage. 

Luckily for us the weekend passed and Daisy survived so our next goal was to reach 500g. We attended hospital every day since week 24 for dopplers and growth scans. From 24 weeks we were told to prepare to give birth any day following the scans. At one point I had had my steroids (given to strengthen Daisy's lungs before birth) and we had a bed booked in Edinburgh but there wasnt a specialised bed for Daisy so our amazing Drs came in on their weekend off to make sure we got a scan. Daisy continued to fight inside until 29 weeks where the tough decision was made that Daisy needed to come out. Luckily for us her weight had been estimated at 850g so she could be born at the Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy (their NICU only takes babies over 800g)

We were told that when born Daisy may not cry, will need intubated and ventilated for a while, will be on TPN and may not manage feeding even via a tube for a while. There would be no first cuddle at birth as she would need to be whisked away and that it could be a while before we would get to cuddle her.

11th September 2023

Daisy entered the world crying, and was able to breath a little on her own so only required CPAP ventilation which was amazing and which also stunned the Drs. She was whisked away quickly by the Neonatal team who put her in a plastic bag to maintain her body heat and who worked on her to maintain her airway and to keep her alive.

Mikey got to go meet her that day but I unfortunately was too ill after the C Section.

Daisy wrapped in bubble wrap to keep her warm. We cant see her face or hair to know what she looks like yet.

Daisy's foot.....I have a long 2nd toe too! we had seen on one of our scan pictures that she had my toe so when Mikey showed me this photo it was so lovely so see that she had something of mines.

A proud Daddy. What was nice was that despite Daisy needing intensive and fast care after birth, they still let Mikey cut her cord. 

12th September 2023

17 hours later I finally got to meet Daisy and amazingly and unexpectedly I was able to get skin to skin! My first cuddle! 

I had found an amazing site https://www.little-mouse.co.uk/ which specializes in premature baby clothes and toys so got daisy one of their octopuses. Its tentacles are ment to be similar to the cord for babies to play with to stop them grabbing wires. It is a bit too big for Daisy the now but after a few weeks she will hopefully be able to play with it. 

Its quite common in premature babies to have problems with jaundice and so Daisy was started on treatment for this which is just basically a light that looks like shes having a sunbed. she wears special goggles to protect her eyes.

13th September 2023

Today we got the amazing news that Daisy can come off her ventilator as she’s managing her airway so well! We had expected her to be on it for weeks so we’re shocked at this! And we couldn’t wait to be able to see her wee face and hair to see what she looks like and if we can see whose features she has!
I was hoping she would look like her handsome daddy and have his dark looks! And look at that! She’s is Daddy's double! Especially when she frowns! She’s just gorgeous! 

Daisy is also getting breast milk via her feeding tube. She started off 0.5mls an hour and that will slowly increase every 12 hours depending on how well she tolerates it. She was on donated breast milk but today I managed to express 3mls! So that can feed her for 3 hours! 
I also got more skin to skin cuddles today. They are the best part of the day I wish I could cuddle and hold her all day everyday but she’s just too fragile. Skin to skin should be minimum an hour though so at least it’s a good quality cuddle that you can get. 

 14th September 2023

 Daisy has had her feeds increased and is now on 2mls of breast milk by her feeding tube every hour. She also did her first poo today which poor Daddy got to change! Daisy's fetal medicine came up to visit which im sure made Daisy very happy as she loves her voice she was always kicking about loads during her dopplers. Her Dr was so chuffed at Daisy's progress and couldn't believe that that was off her CPAP ventilation! 

It was a great Day for Daddy as he got his first skin to skin cuddle with Daisy! 4 days from birth he had to wait. 


Daisy also opened her eyes for the first time! It is too early to know what her eye colour will be. Her eyesight has also not developed yet but will as she gets further along the weeks! 


15th September 2023

Daisy continues to thrive! her milk is still going up and she is pooping loads giving us plenty of training to change her tiny nappies. Its alot harder with premature babies as they cant tollerate having their legs up for a long time and you have to be so careful of all their wires and tubes. 

Mummy and Daddy both got cuddles today! 

 16th September 2023

Daisy is back on her Jaundice sunbed today. Her milk feeds are slowly increasing she is now on 3mls per hour via her feeding tube! 

Daisy loves to poke her feet out of her little sleeping pod! she hates having her feet tucked in.

Her eyes are wide open now and we are pretty sure she recognizes the shape of her Mummy and Daddy as she is always looking at us! 

17th September 2023

Today I am getting discharged from the hospital which feels so daunting that I am going to have to go home without a baby and it really was pretty sad and worrying even though Daisy is in the right place but I was full of hormones and anxiety then I got my skin to skin cuddles with Daisy and it felt like the best form of therapy! 

All the little bonnets Daisy wears for her skin to skin were knitted by her Granny Elly! Daisy has an amazing wardrobe of handmade knits waiting for her for when she gets home!

Daisy got given the cutest little bunny toy from her Uncle Watty and we just had to take a picture of how one of the nurses positioned Daisy in her wee pod with her new rabbit!

18th September 2023

 Daisy is 1 week old already! Because she is tolerating her tube milk feeds so well her TPN and Amino Acids are being stopped and she is getting her long line out this evening which means 2 less wires on her! 

19th December

A great day for Daisy today! she is now going to get fed every 2 hours since she is managing her milk feeds so will get 11mls down her tube every 2 hours now and is on the maximum amount of milk she can have for her body weight. Her long line is out and she has had some of her tapes removed from her face !


20th September 2023

More great news! Daisy is getting her cannula in her other hand out which means she is hands free and can wave her hands about loads now! She now only has her feeding tube, ecg leads, spo2 probe and oxygen! she is a little champ! 

21st September 2023

Another amazing milestone met......Does anyone notice anything different about Daisy this morning? Excuse Daisy's slavery chops she loves blowing bubbles lol

 Shes only wearing clothes! Shes been maintaining her temperature alot better that she doesn't need as much heat in her incubator and now gets to have a wee incubator vest on! was so happy to let my mum know and even happier when she sent me a picture of all the incubator vests she already had bought for Daisy. Im super excited to bring them in tomorrow and dress up Daisy in her own little clothes. 

22nd September 2023

Today was not a good day. We came in today and there was a team of people around Daisy. They think she has sepsis and so they were trying to get more lines into her. We had to go wait in the parents room and we were there for ages. 

She has had all her feeds stopped and all her lines apart from her long line put back in and were advised that she needs to have plenty of rest. We said our goodbyes and left her. The heartbreak and worry is overwhelming and to not be able to do anything to help her is so tough as parents. We went back in the evening and got a cuddle from her. It such a shame that after doing so well we have now had this big step backwards. She also had a temperature so it means no clothes on. Was so excited at the thought of being able to do a mummsy thing and dress her in her own wee vest. 

24th September 2023

Yesterday wasnt a good day Daisy just wasnt herself and I felt like I was patronised and made to feel like an overanxious mum. 

Luckily today she is doing alot better. They dont know if it is sepsis or if its maybe her tummy just wasnt handling the milk feeds just yet. We hope its more the latter and not infection. She is getting started on 0.5mls of milk by her tube again which should make Daisy happier and both me and Daddy got amazing skin to skin time today. 

She also has been started to suck....she probably wont manage bottle feeds till around 34 weeks but she is starting to make the mouth movements so she has a wee dummy to help her practice this skill!