Hi Everyone I'm Rachael Nixon - International Award Winning Milliner, finalist for 'Best Wedding Accessory Provider' Scottish Wedding Awards 2020, No.1 Scotland Magazin's 2020 Business Innovator of the year award recipient, and owner of Chanix Millinery!

I get asked all the time where the name Chanix comes from. Its actually the cha from RaCHAel and the nix from NIXon combined.

I have always been crafty as a child and would sell lots of scrunchies, friendship bracelets, cards etc at school and I had given myself this name to work under (I was very business savvy as a kid and was always looking for sweetie money).

When I first started making fascinators I hadn't planned on selling any and so a friend had joked about CHANIX being open for business again and it stuck and I've since sold 100s of headpieces worldwide and several awards and commendations!. 

I got interested in millinery after moving back home from living in Saudi Arabia. Whilst living there I was invited to a very swanky day at the races organised by the British Embassy. I had spent a fortune on this large hatinator I felt absolutely amazing wearing it and loved it. When I decided to repatriate back to Scotland, it was the only thing I carried home with me! Then a rude man sitting next to me in the plane wanted to get up and barged right past me knocking my hat to the ground and then walked over it and the hat wasn't wearable again.

I had several weddings that year and I didn't have a headpiece to wear. I didn't want to spend a lot of money again however I couldn't find anything in the high street shops that I liked and that matched my outfits so decided to have a bash at making my own and that is how it all began! I had posted a pic of my finished piece on facebook and got 2 orders right away from that picture!

With every client I get, I want them to feel the amazing way I felt in my headpiece at the races, however I wanted my headpieces to be of great quality and workmanship and not look mass produced like the ones in shops. Iv'e had clients in the best dressed and best hat competitions at the races! Lots of gorgeous Mother of the Bride and Groom clients and have had several of my clients be featured in the media and fashion magazines!

For the first 3 years of my Millinery career I was self taught and it was a fantastic hobby/side earner however I decided early last year that I wanted to get a qualification in Millinery so I can be taken seriously and have more stand and confidence to go full time (even though I was probably doing it full time and nursing full time) and so I studied at Glasgow Clyde College and I am now doing their advance course! One of the benefits of going to Glasgow Clyde is that I got to help make the headpiece for Miss Scotland to wear to the Miss World Competition! 

Since July 2019 I decided to take the plunge and become fully self employed and I haven't looked back!

If you'd like to know anything more about me, say hello!


June 2019: I had clients in the best dressed competition and best hat competition at Musselburgh Ladies Day

October 2019: Fife Visual Artist and Craft Maker Award - the first person without a degree in a creative programme to win this!

November 2019: Announced finalist for 'Best Wedding Accessory Provider' for the 8th Scottish Wedding Awards 2020 (Award ceremony is in feb so wish me luck)

A client won Best Hat at a Melbourne Cup Event in Australia! 

December 2019: Came first place in the Lincolm International Millinery Competition - Milliners all over the world entered and I came first place! I am so amazed as the competition was absolutely amazing!

February 2020 -  Winner of No.1 Scotland Magazine's Amazing Women Awards for 'Amazing New Business Innovator 

March 2020 - Congratulated by the House of Commons for Chanix Millinery's recent success

September 2020 - Awarded a grant from Creative Scotland for a super exciting project that all will be revealed soon!