Royal Ascot At Home #StyledWithThanks

Royal Ascot 2020 (Tuesday 16th to Saturday 20th June) took place behind closed doors for the first time in the event’s history. 
In recognition of our frontline heroes and those affected by COVID-19, Ascot launched the #StyledWithThanks charity appeal to raise money for 4 frontline charities. They encouraged racegoers to still get into the spirit of Royal Ascot and to dress up in the comfort of their own home, and encouraged those who did to use the hashtag #styledwiththanks and to donate if they could. 
All my racing events for the year had been cancelled and for once in my life I had been super organised with my outfits so I was happy to have an excuse to ditch my usual lockdown outfit of leggings and baggy T......and to make an effort for everyday of Royal Ascot to dress up and donate. I got so much wonderful feedback from my social media pages that I have decided to document in detail my outfits so that you can recreate similar looks!

Day 1!

Dress: Top Shop

Headpiece: Hire Collection

I love pinks and reds together and this dress was love and first sight! It has a very low neckline however if I wanted to wear this as a casual day dress I stick a small pin in at the chest area so as it is not too revealing. 

When I go to a race day or a wedding my main objective is to find a dress that is baggy around the stomach area as I must ALWAYS have room for all the food I like to consume! Plus they are all day events so I like to be stylish but super comfortable. 

Day 2

Top: Coast

Skirt: Coast

Headpiece: Hire Collection

Recently I have become very aware of promoting sustainability in fashion and instead of buying lots of fast fashion pieces, I try and buy some signature pieces for my wardrobe that can then be mixed and matched with other pieces.

This outfit did cost me around £300 however I would say it was worth every penny 

This orange skirt has been the best buy! I wore it to 3 events in 2019! each time contrasting it with different colours for example navy or pink! The skirt is high waisted and it has POCKETS which can fit around 4 miniature bottles of Gordan's Pink Gin in each one and not look bulky! or a hip flask in each one! So really you can justify spending alot of money on a skirt with pockets as you can save money on drink from all the hipflask smuggling you can do! lol. 

Day 3

Dress: Asos

Headpiece: Hire Collection

Another midi dress! For events such as weddings and races I do like to go for classier lengths of dresses 

The main focus of this outfit was so I could wear my bandeau style headpiece. This is a new style which has become very fashionable in Australia and other parts of the UK and I was hoping to see it on the Scottish racing scene this year. It is a very wide band that sits all the way across the head, with a decoration on one side! Hopefully next year we will see more of this trend! 


Dress: John Zack 

Headpiece: £165 

I love experimenting with colour clashing and colour blocking! I remember being at Ayr Ladies day in the line up for best dressed lady and seeing a gorgeous lady in red and blue and loved how well the colours went together! 

This dress is from a London Brand so was great to purchase from an independent designer! It is shorter than the usual styles I wear but with such a modest neckline and long sleeves the length was just perfect! 

I always get asked if it is important to have matching shoes for a headpiece and really for me the answer is no! As long as your headpiece fits in with your dress then you are good to go as lets face it us ladies are pretty good at ditching the shoes and bags anyways on a day/night out so as long as the hat matches the dress you're fine! 

Dress: Asos

Headpiece: Hire Collection

This was my least favourite outfit mainly because I didn't think the dress complimented me very much however my gorgeous and lovely facebook followers LOVED this outfit the most!

This headpiece is sooooo busy with different things going on that it really needed a very basic dress otherwise the outfit would be way too much! 


So there you go! A wee round up of all my outfits! What was your favourite? Hopefully next year we will be back to normal and race events and weddings can happen again as I would love to give some of these outfits and outing! 

My Day 3 outfit even got me in the Sun Newspaper!